The Wood Bird


The Wood Bird


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This product is packaged is hand wrapped in tissue paper and posted first class recorded delivery in a secure card tube.

Screen Print

Limited Edition 0f 30 Screen print
Size: 33.1 H x 23.4 W x 0.4 in

Edition 0f 30 Signed by the artist 84.1cm by 59.4cm (A1 sized) Printed on Fabriano 4 Paper. One Colour hand pulled screen print. The text in the piece is an excerpt from the the norse story of Siegfried and is written in a new font created for the piece inspired by mystical runes and spruce trees.

It Reads-

"The wood bird told siegfried of a wondrous woman asleep on a high rock and of the terrifying fire surrounding her only to be awakened by a true hero."

The Image in the background is sampled from an illustration by the artist Arbo and depicts the Valkyrie Brunhild becoming enchanted by her farther Odin, and put to sleep on a mountain top surrounded by fire for 20 years to await the coming of the true hero Siegfried. Who would save her and become her eternal lover.This print was made from collaged samples of existing artworks by the Norse painter Nicoli Arbo and is a homage to his romantic genre.

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