On the Summit of the Wetterhorn


On the Summit of the Wetterhorn


Original Painting: Oil on Linen.

Size: 30 H x 25 W x 2 cm

Ships in a cardboard box

Painting: Oil on Linen 

On the Summit of the Wetterhorn is an imagining of the celebrated legend of alpinism where the party summit the peak and plant a spruce tree on its summit. 

The Wetterhorn, in the Swiss Alps close to the village of Grindelwald, was first climbed in 1844, although the ascent by Alfred Wills and party in 1854 is the more celebrated, and is generally regarded to have marked the beginning of the golden age of alpinism. As with much of his other work, Alexander Heaton incorporates runic symbolism into this piece, here evoking primitive emotions of conquest and awe as man confronts the power of the natural world.The mountain is composed of three distinct peaks that lie close together: the Wetterhorn (most visible from Grindelwald), the Mittelhorn (the highest) and the Rosenhorn. Winston Churchill climbed the Wetterhorn in 1894. The summit rocks were the intended terminal for the world's first people-carrying aerial tramway, but only the first quarter section of the lift was built. It was in operation until the beginning of World War I.

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