Voids Rage - Chimera Bloom

Private View - 25th January 2018 6.30-9pm

Show Runs until 30th January

I'm very happy to announce my next art show will be in collaboration with the extraordinary painter Mark Metcalfe...

Voids Rage -Chimera Bloom

New paintings by Alexander Heaton & Mark Metcalfe.

Voids Rage Chimera Bloom is the first pairing of Alexander Heaton and Mark Metcalfe. The show brings together a shared regard for painting as a means of retelling existing narratives, and mythos that sit deep in the psyche, where archetypal forms and bizarre Phenomena are brought to the surface.

Heaton, a mountaineer presents glyphs and fetish' that challenge our preconceived ideas and attempt to reconnect with a natural state beyond material reductionism. Metcalfe has spent years studying ceremonial magic and the western tradition and again the motifs in each work ask us to consider themes and forms beyond material reduction. Here the human is conduit and arbiter of phenomena that throws our structures of belief and our faith in logic into question.

Heaton takes us into the forest and mountain range with the explorer archetype moving intrepid, through austere places, whilst Metcalfe implies a movement from deep within, an externalising force of something emitted but not bodily viscera, rather something we cannot confirm or deny, outside the physical.

Private View - 25th January 2018 6.30-9pm

Show Runs until 30th January

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